Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breakfast that can be made ahead and reheated- genius?

So Chris and I got up one Sunday morning recently and decided we wanted breakfast burritos. Mmm, so good. You just saute up some onions, peppers, mushrooms, and any other veggies you feel like having. When they are good and soft, you add some scrambled eggs to the pan to cook with the veggies. We added salt and pepper, but other good additions would be parsley, basil, you name it. Basically, just season to your liking. When the eggs were cooked (but not rubbery!) we spooned the mix onto whole wheat tortillas. We put some spinach on top and grated some Parmesan over each tortilla. We wrapped them up really tight, put them in saran wrap and then in containers to freeze, aside from one for me and two for Chris for that morning :). So not only did we have a good nutritious breakfast, but also a ready meal or snack for any time of the day.

Do you ever make breakfast burritos? What do you put in them? Are there any foods you make ahead and freeze?

Drowning sorrows in a Pecan Bar

So lately I have been having a rough time. More specifically, my eyes have been really sensitive to light, they tear up a lot, and they are very irritated. All because the contact lenses I was prescribed are the wrong size and caused ulcers and tiny scratches. Greeeat.

So I have been wearing my glasses, not using much face moisturizer or makeup, and generally feeling sorry for myself.

In what I guess was partially a way to indulge my self pity, Chris brought me this delicious Pecan Bar from a place in Philadelphia called Sofisticakes. Let me tell you, it was as tasty as it looks!

How do you deal when you have a bad day? I have to admit, I may be a bit of an emotional eater!

There is something missing here- guess what it is....

Something green (or any vegetable for that matter)!

Chris's whole fish kick is going strong. This is trout with a toasted almonds sauce. The sauce could be healthier- it has a lot of butter in it. You melt the butter, toast the nuts, and when they look golden, you add some white wine.

But first you coat the fish in flour and cook it through in the pan with some oil. When it is cooked you put it on a plate in a warm oven so you can work on the sauce. It was so good, even though the butter and pan frying probably negated some of the healthiness haha!

The rice is a wild rice I found at Trader Joe's- I had been dying to try it.

Do you like wild rice? Brown rice? Plain old white rice?

Another trip to Palermo's...

Chris was in the mood for pizza, but I just was not feeling lots of dough, grease and cheese. I also didn't want to get the Mediterranean/Isreali combo we got last time. So I just got the Isreali salad and asked them to plop a dollop of hummus on top. Yum!

Isreali salad is chopped cucumber, tomatioes, red onions, lemon juice and salt/pepper to taste. So good!

What have you been eating lately? Has the weather been so hot and humid that it stops you from cooking up a storm?

A healthier rice pudding for once!

I know the first picture looks like wall paper paste, and the second one is just blurry. But try to imagine a really delicious rice pudding, ok?

So I love rice pudding- the really good kind that is creamy and a little sweet and the perfect base for mix-ins like fruit (dried or fresh.) But rice pudding (especially the rich, creamy tasting kind) can really stick to those areas you try so hard to keep slim.

Not this kind though! The batch above was made with rice milk (you could use lowfat or nonfat dairy milk or soy milk too), arborio rice, and a bit of honey (agave nectar works well too!) to sweeten. I left it plain so Chris and I could add mix-ins as we please. He prefers more raisins than I like, I love to throw in some toasted nuts and cinnamon. You can find the recipe here. Let me know how it goes for you if you try it! :)

Pancakes :-D

Don't these look amazing and full of juicy blue-ness? We had some blueberries we needed to use up before they started going bad. We also had some leftover toasted almonds, from that ice cream I posted about ealier. So we whipped up some pancake batter (from scratch! No Bisquick needed when it is so easy and you probably have all the ingredients in the house already, right?), tossed in the fresh berries, and voila. We topped them off with the almonds and pure maple syrup (no HFCS here, and the taste is soooo much better.)

Chris and often wake up on a lazy weekend morning, and turn to each other and say simulataneously, "Pancakes?!?!?"

What do you like in/on your pancakes?

Let's have a smoothie

I love smoothies. They are just so, so SO versatile. You can put just about any fruit in them. You can use chocolate in them to make them more of a sweet treat, you can use peanut butter to make them more filling (and delicious.) You can add green tea matcha powder- a small dose of caffeine, some antioxidants, and all around goodness. You can make them vegan by using rice milk or soymilk instead of regular milk or yogurt. Really, the possibilities are just endless. And you can pack it up and take it to go in a travel coffee cup or some other container. You can have it as a snack, or a small meal, like for breakfast. What is not to love?

This combination here (and believe me, I have many more up my sleeve to share in the future) is frozen berry medley, rice milk, Organic Midnight Moo (Trader Joe's version of chocolate syrup- High Fructose Corn Syrup free!), and some ice cubes. I generally put the ice and any frozen fruit in the blender first and press the ice crusher button first. I add softer or liquid ingredients once the hard, frozen stuff is broken up a bit, and blend or puree.

We make smoothies like this a lot, but most often when we want something filling and healthy, but we want it quickly and without much work. Like Saturday mornings when we have a lot of yard work and house cleaning ahead of us. Or weeknights when we are too hot and exhausted to make a real dinner. We definitely vary the combination depending on how filling we need to make it, or if we want more protein in it.

Do you like smoothies? What do you put in yours?