Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pancakes :-D

Don't these look amazing and full of juicy blue-ness? We had some blueberries we needed to use up before they started going bad. We also had some leftover toasted almonds, from that ice cream I posted about ealier. So we whipped up some pancake batter (from scratch! No Bisquick needed when it is so easy and you probably have all the ingredients in the house already, right?), tossed in the fresh berries, and voila. We topped them off with the almonds and pure maple syrup (no HFCS here, and the taste is soooo much better.)

Chris and often wake up on a lazy weekend morning, and turn to each other and say simulataneously, "Pancakes?!?!?"

What do you like in/on your pancakes?


  1. somehow, this looks disguting. but I'd try it :)

  2. well if you didn't grow up eating pancakes, I guess it could seem gross, haha. Pancakes are pretty synonymous with weekend breakfast in the US, I think. But they can be very high calorie, so we try to think of them as a treat. :)