Sunday, August 9, 2009

There is something missing here- guess what it is....

Something green (or any vegetable for that matter)!

Chris's whole fish kick is going strong. This is trout with a toasted almonds sauce. The sauce could be healthier- it has a lot of butter in it. You melt the butter, toast the nuts, and when they look golden, you add some white wine.

But first you coat the fish in flour and cook it through in the pan with some oil. When it is cooked you put it on a plate in a warm oven so you can work on the sauce. It was so good, even though the butter and pan frying probably negated some of the healthiness haha!

The rice is a wild rice I found at Trader Joe's- I had been dying to try it.

Do you like wild rice? Brown rice? Plain old white rice?

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