Monday, July 20, 2009

Dehydrated much?

So my friend Alberta came to visit from NY this past weekend. Blame her for the lack of posting- Chris and I wanted to spend as much time with her as we could since we never get to see her, what with her hectic work and school schedule and the hundred mile difference. :)

While she was with us I also forgot to take pictures of everything I ate for blogging purposes. (I also forgot to take pictures of the three of us hanging out...oops.)

But something we talked a lot about is drinking water. Alberta says she never drank a lot of water, maybe a glass a day. She said she was just never thirsty enough for more and she felt fine.

I am close to obsessed, and if I don't get at least two liters a day, I feel awful, at least in my head. So her glass a day seems crazy to me. Just crazy!

I found these two articles- one on the effects of not drinking enough water and one on how to calculate how much water you need. They sum up the most important points and arguments for drinking enough water.

While I don't think she looks like she suffers from some of the signs of insufficient water, like excess body fat, poor muscle tone, and water-retention problems (she's beautiful, of course :), she like most of us, could definitely use more.

And in her defense, she did drink a lot more than usual this past weekend!

Do you drink enough water? Do you drink an extra glass for every glass of caffeinated beverage? An extra glass for every alcoholic drink? How about after salty foods? Only drink water when you feel thirsty? (They say you are already slightly dehydrated by then!) Think the taste of water is boring? (That is how I prefer it, actually!) Do you drink it with a splash of juice or lemon to jazz it up? Share!

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