Friday, July 17, 2009

Dinner out- Isreali food at Palermo's Pizzeria

Dinner out can be high calorie and high cost for my husband and me, so I insist on not doing it often. We like trying out new restaurants, and we LOVE food, so we make it worth it and go all out. Since I try not to eat chicken, beef, or pork I stick with seafood or pasta. There are plenty of healthy options in both categories, but inevitably I start thinking, "we're out to dinner, why eat healthy?" And then I end up ordering something with lots of pasta, lots of cheese, just LOTS of everything. And I also tend to eat everything placed in front of me (thanks Mom for making me clean my plate, you have created a monster, haha.) My husband orders steak or fish entrees- not always healthy when covered in sauce.

But once in a while we go to Palermo's in Phoenixville PA. It is a short drive, it is a very low-key place and the pizza is decent- the crust is thin and not too doughy, and the cheese isn't falling off the slice, drowning in grease, my only two pizza dealbreakers. Palermo's gets bonus points with me because they have good sauce, and they have OPTIONS. Like Margherita, my fave, veggie pizza and white three cheese. (I know, I sound obsessed with cheese. This is why I won't keep much in the house.)

But the past two times we haven't gotten any pizza at all. Instead, we chose from the Isreali food section of the menu. It includes hummus, babaghanoush, and felafel- it has other stuff, but those are the main attractions for us, haha.

Palermo's calls this food Isreali, but I guess you could just say it is Meditteranean/Middle Eastern since so many different cultures eat it. It's no wonder why, it is fabulous AND healthy.

I know this all doesn't look like a lot for dinner for two people, and it may not be fancy looking, but we both left stuffed. Even my husband, with his hollow legs. It is pretty healthy, full of fiber and protein, and qualifies as finger food if you dip the pita in the hummus and eat it like you would chips! And the meal is vegetarian!

The only thing I would want them to change? If they offered wheat pitas in addition to the white ones- that would be the bees knees.

The things that look like poo- not to worry, they are felafel. Felafel are fried patties of chick peas and onions. I should have shot a picture of one of these broken open- they are green inside. We agreed that they were the best we ever had.

If you are ever in Phoenixville PA and looking for a cheap dinner- try Palermo's, and order off the Isreali Food part of the menu.

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