Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wrap it up, part 2

Like I said a few posts ago, I feel limited in the cafeteria at work, and I often get a wrap. Here is another variation on my veggie burger wrap. In part 1 of Wrap it up, I had steamed veggies stuffed into the wrap with my chopped up veggie burger, which melted the cheese. Here is my cold variation. :)

I get the same ingredients, except that I have fresh cucumbers and red onions put into the wrap instead of cooked vegetables. And I don't put cheese in this one either, since it wouldn't get melted. The cucumber adds a satisfying crunch and is very refreshing.

As my side, I often grab a piece of fresh fruit- a nectarine in this case.

Do you like veggie burgers? What brands can you recommend? How do you eat them? What kinds of fresh fruit do you regularly?

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