Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More fish a la Chris

Not completely true, I do a lot of the helping and suggesting. Sometimes I even cook all by myself. Chris would have you think differently though, ha!

Here we have a dish we made a while ago. That is a Jerk seasoned tuna steak, sitting on a bed of quinoa with green beans, navy beans, corn and (you guessed it) pignoli nuts.

Quinoa is a great grain alternative to rice and pasta. It has a crazy amount of protein (and other nutrients), so it is a fabulous choice for vegetarians, near-vegetarians, or just people who don't get enough lean protein. It has a very interesting texture when cooked- it gets a spiral shape. It is great in cold pasta salad-type dishes too, and is great prepared like Tabbouleh.

The tuna is seared on the outside to get the jerk seasoning to form a crust, and left slightly pink on the inside. If cooked all the way through, we have found the fish gets a bit dry and loses some of the great flavor.

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