Thursday, July 30, 2009


Going out to eat can be hard when you are trying to stay healthy and eat right. It gets worse when you are trying to be vegetarian and eat as little animal protein as possible. But it is possible.

Once in a great while Chris will meet me for a quick lunch. He leaves work, I leave work, we take a break and just hang out together for an hour. Panera is close by for both of us, so that is where we have gone on more than one occasion.

Chris likes to have something different pretty much every time we eat there, while I usually stick to my old standbys.

Chris had the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad and a half of the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich- the you-pick-two option on the menu is great because you get the best of both worlds. He also had this amazing Strawberry smoothie. Yum!

I also had the you-pick-two option, but I went with the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (my fave! I even buy the bread they use, get the other ingredients at the grocery store, and make it myself. It still doesn't come out quite as good as theirs, for some reason. Panera must mix crack into the feta they use, haha) and a cup of the low-fat Vegetarian Garden Vegetable. The soup was good, but my favorite soup will always be the Creamy Tomato soup with Asiago croutons. Sadly, it is off the menu for now :(

I also had the iced green tea to drink. I figured, green tea is full of antioxidants and it might have less sugar than the soft drinks they offer.

Chris is not a fan of my new habit of taking pictures of my food when we go out to eat. He gets embarrassed. Ha!

Do you have a hard time ordering when you are out to eat? Do you try to "stay on the wagon?" Do you figure you are out to eat, so you can eat whatever you want?

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