Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whole fish can be a whole lot of YUM!

Chris has been in a whole fish frenzy. It seems he won't eat unless it still has the head and tail when placed in front of him. (Just to clarify- he DOES NOT eat the head and tail. That would be gross.)

At first, I said, "You want whole fish? Fine. But you clean it, you cook it, and you debone it before we eat it. And I don't want the head or tail on my plate."

I know, I sound pretty hoity-toity. I have since softened, mostly because we have had some good experiences when he has made it. Plus, it does make for a pretty and extravagant-looking dish, even if it was simply prepared. Take a look:

Meet Striped Sea Bass- Chris got it at the H-Mart when in Philly yesterday. They even cleaned the fish out and de-scaled it before wrapping it up. H-Mart is an Asian food market, and they have a pretty great seafood selection, among other things. And prices are pretty great too.

Chris drizzled olive oil and lemon juice inside and on both sides, stuffed the inside with whole crushed garlic cloves, dill and parsley from the garden, sprinkled some paprika, and ground some fresh pepper and salt all over. So simple, and it only took 25 minutes from start to finish! And it came out so scrumptious.

He wanted to cook avocado WITH the fish, or maybe inside it. But I warned him that the avocado is mushy to begin with, so the consistency might not make it conducive to the high heat (he broiled the fish). So I helped by slicing it up and arranging it with the finished fish, and then drizzling with more lemon juice to keep it from browning. I thought it made the perfect accompaniment- being so refreshing. We had a bit leftover brown rice as well- from a meal we made on Sunday, more about that tomorrow, when I post the leftovers from that!

Do you like whole fish? Seafood in general? (We love pretty much all kinds!) Does it gross you out when cleaning or preparing it? Do you like avocado? Do you know of any recipes where you actually COOK it? (I have only ever seen it in raw recipes- like guacamole, on salads, in sandwiches, etc...)

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